Bioshock Infinite : Racism, Classism, and other -Isms.


Bioshock Infinite is one of the rare big budget games that’s fun and has a interesting story that doesn’t hinder the experience. As a warning, this is going to be filled with massive spoilers and pseudo-intellectualism. If you’re at all interested in playing the game and don’t mind either of those, good on you for not being a baby.

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Mark of the Wolves, LIVE!

Tonight. 8PM EST. Fightan gamez return!

Mark of the Wolves, the rubber matches!
Tune in: @8 EST!

I’m Not a Gamer Anymore

"I’m sick and tired of the "me, me, me" that pervades white feminism when it comes to intersectionality or, rather, persistent lack thereof."
- Imani Gandy

Some of you are probably wondering: “What does this have to do with gamers?”

. It has everything to do with gamers.

This past week I watched Ms. Gandy and a good number of women of color side-eyeing or downright abandoning the feminist movement because enough white feminists have reached
peak ass-showing when it comes to the intersection between race and women’s rights. It was a long time coming, really. The climate on race here in America is so tense (further exploded by the Zimmerman verdict) that exacerbation is inevitable. People are making moves when it comes to this topic. Moves, such as throwing away the “feminist” label.

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You knew it was coming. At this point, the question is, “Who DOESN’T love Slam Jams?” Whoever it is, they’re not welcome in this space…and I’m sure comeonandslam would agree. Crafting an impressive collection of Slam Jams, this mysterious entity has given New Favorite Game™ Hotline Miami the treatment with “Hotline Quad City”.

For this and more like it, hit comeonandslam up at that YouTube channel.

Anti-Review: Sacred Citadel

The Metascore. It’s the aggregated judgment of a product by “the world’s most respected critics”. If you play a lot of video games, you know this system is clever, helpful, but most importantly, imperfect. A Metascore has the power to boost mediocrity and conversely, tank majesty. This is where I come in.

The Game: Sacred Citadel

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Naughty Dog : Pretty Overrated

As a preface to this post, there are going to be some possible spoilers for Uncharted 3 and Last of Us, because I played them back-to-back to help get a real feel for the type of game Naughty Dog is trying to make and ultimately sell. So let’s get down to business.

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Coming Soon: Streaming*

* Pending the purchase of a new monitor. Stream tests this weekend with the new equipment went crazy well — easily 20x better than previous efforts. Unfortunately, this guy’s signature luck kicked in and in a completely unrelated event my monitor kicked the bucket. So there’s a beast machine here without a face. As soon as I get a new box (estimated timetable: 1-2 weeks) you fine folks will have shows. Good news!

XBox One : Reactions


Using my connections within the industry, I was able to snag exclusive reactions to XBox One from some very high profile members of the gaming community.

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Shoutouts to the Renegade for blessing us with awesome Genesis arrangements such as this one. Anyone worth their salt knows ARIKA is all about godlike soundtracks so an instant best for giving Street Fighter EX the Shinobi III treatment with ”Rising Dragoon”.

For this and more like it, hit him up on his YouTube channel.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Sup guys. Dynamo here.

We were on hiatus for the first half of 2013. For everything that went right, at least ten things went wrong, so a break was in order. But during that break, I was reminded what NXISTENCE was all about.

Now it’s been a minute, but remember, the NX team is a living diversity poster. So, we actively talked a lot about race…and a lot about how our contemporaries tend to do it wrong. So as much as I enjoyed Game Grumps for example, they had a habit of reaching Seth MacFarlane levels of LOL COLORED PEOPLE and I began to tune it out.

Annoying? Yes. Disgusting? Not quite there yet. Fortunately, Did You Know Gaming was around to be my friend. A quality series featuring quality contributors, DYKG was my fix while NX was on break. Through it’s great Portal episode, I was introduced to one of those contributors in Game Theory.

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